Become Mentally Strong

Rise to your challenges, grow unshakable resilience, unlock your potential and find peace in the middle of it all.

A strong mind is powerful

We all have times in our lives when things get hard. When we face big challenges or changes. Times when life feels messy, scary, uncertain, difficult or painful.

We all have times when the pressure is on. When there is higher stress, demand or load on us. And we all have times when we struggle, wether its with external circumstances or with our own thoughts and emotions.

It’s in those times that we need mental strength the most.

Mental strength gives you the capacity to:

  • Rise to your challenges and come out the other side stronger, savvier and wiser than ever before
  • Reduce anxiety, stress, negativity and overwhelm so you can find strength and ease in the middle of it all
  • Adapt, grow and thrive through transitions, changes and uncertain circumstances
  • Remain calm, non-reactive and effective under pressure so you can be your best self, even in tough times.
  • Process painful emotions in healthy ways and find calm and strength again
  • Unlock your potential and realise your goals instead of being held back by unhelpful mental-emotional patterns.
  • Remain resilient, confident and connected to purpose no matter what life throws your way
  • Be a force for good and wisdom in the world

And in times we are living in right now a strong mind is no longer a luxury. It is essential if we want to be able to stay happy, healthy and strong amongst the growing challenges in the world.

Tap into your mental strength

I’ve devoted my life to understanding the fundamentals of what makes us mentally strong versus stuck in struggle and stress. What I know for certain is that no matter where you are starting from, it is possible to retrain your mind to be stronger. And to create lasting change to hardwire your mind for happiness, resilience, calm, confidence and peak performance.

Mental strength gives you an unfair advantage to create the quality of life you want instead of letting your outside circumstance determine your life for you. I am here to help you tap into that strength.


Reduce stress and anxiety

Learn to uplevel your stress response. Regulate your nervous system and manage your mindset to significantly reduce stress and anxiety and increase resilience and adaptability.

Unlock peak performance

Train your mind to diffuse distractions, let go of mental clutter and unlock states of heightened mental clarity, focus and performance. Access flow states, creative insights and enjoy your work more.

Overcome negative thinking

Learn evidence based techniques to let go of the negative thinking patterns and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. By developing a more flexible, purposeful and resilient mindset you can reach your full potential.

Optimise happiness and wellbeing

Take back control of your mind and learn to create feelings of wellbeing and happiness each day instead of allowing unhelpful thoughts that drag your mood and performance down.

Grow unshakeable resilience

Stay calm, kind and effective under pressure, grow a solid sense of inner strength and learn to use the tools and resources to feel confident to handle anything that life throws at you.

Master your mindset

Know how to identify and then shift any unhelpful mental-emotional patterns. Rewire your mind to thrive and enjoy improved relationships, better sleep and performance as a result.



Transforming the way you feel, think and behave in just eight weeks with evidence based training that blends positive neuroplasticity, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and peak performance psychology. Headstrong is a cutting edge program designed to shift you out of stress and struggle and into mental strength.

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Hi, I'm Melli

I’m a mental strength coach, co-founder of and the creator of Mindfulness-Based Mental Strength Training (MB-MST). After a decade of experience teaching thousands of people around the world about mindfulness and mental strength, I have distilled and synthesised my knowledge on resilience, emotional intelligence, peak performance, positive neuroplasticity, mindfulness, and stress management into the four step R.I.S.E framework, which is designed to help people rise to challenging times and shift stress, suffering and struggle to mental strength.

My big vision is to unlock the best in human potential, so we can work together to solve the world’s most meaningful problems and create a more sustainable, peaceful and equal world.


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Mental Strength Masterclass

Are you looking to become mentally stronger? Watch the replay of this free, live coaching and training session I hosted in September 2022. In this exclusive Masterclass I shared my four-step mental strength framework, plus practical tools you can immediately use in daily life to grow your resilience, reduce your stress, perform at your best and get you on the fast track to becoming mentally strong.

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"Melli is a leading authority on the topic of mental strength. Her methods have been forged in the heat of life experience along with decades of contemplative practice. I highly recommend her, both as a person and as a leader and innovator."

Vidyamala Burch
Author of ‘You Are Not Your Pain' &
Founder of Breathworks

"Melli is the world's leading expert in the field of mental strength. Her groundbreaking work is changing lives and has the power to change how we think about mental health."

Matt Dickinson
Founder & CEO of

The tools given by Melli in her incredible mental strength training course is one investment in myself that I’ve made. The benefits keep expanding into more areas of my life than I realised. I am able to address that negative talk I so often engaged with, through the simple exercises offered in the course that are so powerful. I have gained a new relationship with my mind that I can now work with so much more easily.

Gillane Bull

“Being mentally strong is not just a luxury but a necessity in these times we are living in. For me to be able to make a difference, make my business and my life everything that I want it to be, stay resilient in the face of the many setbacks I face as a purpose led entrepreneur, I need to keep my mind resilient, positive and purposeful. Melli’s mental strength coaching gives me the support to do that.”

Alicia Navarro
CEO of Flown

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