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Melli OBrien

Sometimes the weight of it all is too much. 

Negative thoughts fill your head and cloud your focus. Turbulent emotions throw you around — all while life keeps coming at you. And it can all be overwhelming. 

Perhaps you’re navigating new challenges and not dealing with them as well as you’d like. 

Stress, anxiety, hopelessness — I get it because I’ve been there. 

Through my own experience, research, and over a decade of working with thousands of people, I’ve discovered the blueprint for mental strength.

I call it the deep resilience method. 

If you want to learn how to develop unshakable and lasting mental strength — you’re in the right place.

Hi, I’m Melli

I’m Melli, a mindfulness and mental strength coach. I help people build deep resilience so they can stay mentally strong in difficult times, unlock their potential, and live a fulfilling and meaningful life. 

I’m also the co-founder of Mindfulness.com and the Mindfulness Summit — the world’s largest mindfulness conference. The summit is a not-for-profit project that has raised over $750,000 for mental health charities around the world.

After a decade of teaching and coaching over 100,000 people about mindfulness and mental strength, I’ve distilled and synthesised a unique blend of knowledge on peak performance, mindset, mindfulness, and stress management into The Deep Resilience Method. 

The Deep Resilience Method is a method specifically designed to help people stay resilient in the face of adversity and make a permanent shift from mental struggle to mental strength.

My Story: Choosing Life Over Suffering

I grew up in some ways, very blessed. 

In the small town of Mullumbimby, Australia, I grew up riding horses with my brothers, running around barefoot in the forests and fields, eating oranges and berries from trees, and swimming in the creek with friends. It was idyllic. But there was also darkness — a shadow over my life that I couldn’t shake. 

By the age of seventeen, trauma from my childhood had pulled me down into depression. I developed an eating disorder and was full of hurt, confusion, and self-hate. I was unable to concentrate at school and unhappy at home.

Eventually, I hit a crisis point. I was in so much pain that I had to make a decision. Either I take my own life or find out if it’s possible to be free of this pain. 

I chose life.

The Journey To A New Life

I had no idea where to start, so I went to the school library and started reading everything I could find on how to become mentally stronger and happier. I read books saying you could train your mind to become stronger. I realised then and there that mental strength was a skill.

Something you could learn just like riding a bike.

It was a game-changing realisation. 

So I went and found a meditation course where I started to train my mind in new ways. I had heard about meditation as a great way to start training your mind. So somewhat sceptically, I went off to my first meditation course. I learned how to step back from my negative thoughts and transform my relationship with them. What followed was a series of breakthroughs that totally changed my mind, healed me in profound ways, and ultimately changed the course of my entire life. 

Within just a couple of months, my eating disorder and depression had dissolved and I could focus better at school. I began to like the person in the mirror again. And I started to love life again.

Uncovering Deeper Peace

Over time, as I continued my journey, I started learning all kinds of mental strength skills. I also started to understand that not only could I ease my suffering and stress but I could also access inner peace, a profound sense of wellbeing, resilience, and mental clarity.

Over time, feelings of wholeness, oneness and deep love for life emerged. I realised there was a whole other way we could live. 

After years of my own mental strength training, this fuelled my passion for helping others. I went on to teach mental strength to thousands of people worldwide. But as the challenges in the world began to rise, test, and confront us — from pandemics, to war to climate change and technological disruption— I realised there was something big missing from the way we were teaching resilience. 

A missing ingredient that was taboo to talk about. 

The spiritual aspect of human nature. 

Now when I say spiritual I’m not talking about anything to do with a belief in god or souls or anything like that. I’m referring to the fact that you are more than a mind and body. At the core of yourself there is a silent awareness. Consciousness itself.

I kept seeing that even when we were teaching all the other cutting-edge, evidence-based tools to people, if people remained disconnected from this deeper domain of their being, they would still struggle and get stuck in cycles of stress, fear and overwhelm again and again.

I realised we could not find true, lasting and stable resilience without addressing the whole human — mind, body and ‘spirit’. It felt like without doing that we were putting on bandaids without healing the root causes of our struggles. We need to reconnect with what is deepest and truest in us to find our true strength.

And so, I developed The Deep Resilience Method to help people like you.

The most rewarding part of my life has been watching others experience the same kind of breakthroughs and tranformation I did.

What is Deep Resilience?

When most people think of mental strength, they think of pumped-up self-talk, toughness, pushing through, or positive thinking. While these strategies might lift you in the moment, they don’t create lasting and stable change.  

Deep resilience is different. 

Deep resilience acknowledges that human beings are a system of parts. A body, a mind, and an awareness. I often refer to this awareness as the core self. 

Deep resilience involves using cutting edge, evidence based tools AND accessing the wisdom of the core self to heal, harmonise, and harness the power of the mind, and be the guiding force for our actions through the body. Allowing us to become integrated, authentic, and whole — no matter what we’re going through.


The Deep Resilience Method is also a movement. 

A new, empowering paradigm for understanding human nature and unlocking its best potential, therefore also healing and harmonising larger human systems. Deep resilience can help people evolve and become more self-aware, empowered, and wise. A way of being that can make the world a more peaceful, sustainable, and equal place.

My Mission

My vision is to unlock the best in human potential so we can all work together to solve the world's most meaningful problems and create a more peaceful, equal, sustainable, and harmonious world.

I’d love to support you in becoming mentally strong as we walk the path together, towards making that dream a reality.

There are 3 ways you can work with me


Headstrong is a powerfully transformative 8-week program that has taken 10+ years to develop. It trains you in the Deep Resilience Method step-by-step. This is the recommended place to start.

Get Headstrong Here


Best if you want a personal touch and are ready for a significant shift. I do 1:1 coaching for a limited number of clients each year. Get accountability, in-depth support, and the tools for deep and lasting transformation.

Coming Late 2023


Attend online and in-person retreats throughout the year where you can have an immersive and intensive experience in deep resilience. Take time out, go within and come out mentally stronger.

Coming Late 2023

What people are saying

"Melli is a leading authority on the topic of mental strength. Her methods have been forged in the heat of life experience along with decades of contemplative practice. I highly recommend her, both as a person and as a leader and innovator."

Vidyamala Burch

I want to thank Melli for her drive to share her understanding of human nature and how to step into a fulfilled life. The unshakeable lessons she has distilled her lifelong experiences and researches are pure gold when adapted to your own life. My heart is full of gratitude.

Erika Proust

Melli’s course is filled with wisdom and extremely practical tools. But it’s much more than that. She invites you into a new way of being, one that is about knowing yourself. A new way of life. Loved it! You are such a warm and giving soul! Thank you Melli.

Natalie Jones

"Melli is the world's leading expert in the field of mental strength. Her groundbreaking work is changing lives and has the power to change how we think about mental health."

Matt Dickinson

I am enthralled when I listen to Mellissa speak because there is a delightful mixture of gentleness and incredible power that comes through her message. She has intelligent ideas, a strength of experience, and a driving passion to help the world in an area that is most neglected - the mind. If we tuned in to her message, we would make profound changes in our lives. She is a speaker that must be heard.

Charmaine Burke

You buy one I give one. We’re unlocking human potential together

My life’s work centres around unlocking human potential. But not everyone has the opportunity to do that. Nearly 3 in 4 children in Australia’s remote areas lack access to education up to the 10th grade. This lack of opportunity means that, through no fault of their own, these children will most often be unqualified for many modern jobs – and may miss out on the opportunities that we all take for granted.

If anyone needs their potential unlocked, it’s these kids. That’s why with every Headstrong purchase I immediately give a child in remote Australia one month of access to online educational resources.

This project by Dot Com Mob (through B1G1) sets up technological education centres in Australia’s most remote regions with the fewest scholastic opportunities. These innovative centers give children access to online and electronic educational resources, helping close the gap in their education. I believe everyone deserves a chance to elevate their potential.


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