The Deep Resilience Podcast

By Melli O'Brien

Welcome to The Deep Resilience Podcast, hosted by a global leader in the field of mental strength, Melli O’Brien. In this podcast, get the right tools, insights and support you need to stay mentally strong in the hard times of life.

In each weekly episode of the deep resilience podcast, Melli O’Brien share’s one key insight or skill to help you grow your inner strength – allowing you to reduce your stress, rise to your challenges and unlock greater freedom and peace of mind in the middle of it all.

This podcast will help you unlock your own deep resilience. In this way you can use this podcast as your weekly training ground to build inner strength in bite sized chunks, one step at a time.

Each week Melli will share tools, insights and practices to help you…

  • Ease anxiety and stress
  • Let go of negative thinking
  • Tap into wisdom, resilience and calm
  • Deal with lifes challenges with skilfully and effectively
  • Perform at your peak, even under pressure and stress
  • Deal with emotions in healthy ways
  • Let go of the stuff that holds you back or drags you down
  • Improve your relationships
  • Live with purpose and meaning
  • Find peace of mind in the middle of it all (without losing your edge)

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We hope the deep resilience podcast and it’s of benefit to you and gives you the support, relief and strength you need to be your best self, create the life that you want and thrive.

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