Asking better questions

As we go about daily life, we are always asking ourselves questions. 

And the questions we ask ourselves then go on to define a lot of the cascading narrative that goes on in our minds. 

For instance, if you make a mistake and then you ask yourself, “why am I such an idiot?” or “why can’t I get anything right?” Your mind will reply with a series of answers to that question. 

Chances are, the answers to those questions will be disempowering, and make you feel pretty lousy.

But if instead you ask yourself “what can I learn from this experience” or “how can I find a better way forward?” You’ll probably get an entirely different set of answers. Insights that will not only make you feel more empowered and happier, but will also lead to greater learning, self-awareness, and personal growth.

So, the key to changing our perspective, a lot of the time, comes down to asking ourselves better, more helpful, more empowering questions.

If we ask ourselves better questions, we get better answers and become mentally stronger

We can ask ourselves all manner of unhelpful questions that sap our mental strength and crush our self-esteem. (some of the usual suspects = what’s wrong with me? who’s fault is this? how could I be so stupid? why can’t I be more like them?)

But if we start to ask ourselves better questions, we get better answers. Answers that allow us to control and shape the focus of the mind and help us to take empowered actions. 

Some examples of empowering questions we can ask ourselves:

  • How can I make the best of the way things are right now?
  • What am I really grateful for today?
  • What can I do to take care of myself or get support in the midst of this?
  • How can I learn and grow from this?
  • What is one small step I could take to change things for the better?
  • What matters most to me in this situation?
  • Who can I help and support today?
  • How can I have the most fun doing the things I need to do today?
  • How can I spread joy and kindness today?
  • How do I want to show up in the world today?

Questions like these prime the mind to focus on tapping into your inner strength, love, wisdom and courage. 

Here’s the takeaway: 

What we focus on mentally can bring out the worst in us, or the best. It can debilitate us or accelerate our personal growth. What we focus on can create our own version of heaven or hell, right here in every moment.

So, this weeks invitation is to experiment with asking yourself empowering questions and see how it changes things for you. Try to notice if you’re asking yourself anything unhelpful. If so, keep changing your focus back to asking better questions, focusing on better answers, and taking empowering actions. 

In this way, you take back your personal power and share more of your best self with the world.

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As always, thank you for your practice and wishing you strength and ease as we continue to walk this path together.

Big love, Melli

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