Pivot Towards Purpose

Today I’m going to share a mindfulness micro-practice I call the ‘pivot towards purpose’.

So just to begin with I invite you to ponder how your own values come to life each day.

Maybe you value compassion and that means you always make a point to check in on your friends when they are having a hard time.

Maybe authenticity is important to you so you express that in the way you choose to be vulnerable about your struggles. Maybe your values come to life when you’re in the grocery store and you bring your own bags because you value sustainability and conservation.

How We Lose Touch in Little and Big Ways

But there may be other times in life where we become a little out of touch with our values. Maybe we are rushing, a little stressed or challenged. And in those moments we might feel tempted to react, lash out or choose convenience or short-term pleasure; over doing what feels right for us deep in our heart. We all have moments like this from time to time.

The pivot towards purpose is an invitation to remember our own values and principles in our little moments of decision throughout the day.

Reconnecting with Purpose and Presence

There are two questions we can ask ourselves to help us connect with our values and pivot towards purpose in the moment. They are: “What really matters to me most in this moment? Who do I want to be in this moment?”

So let’s say if you find yourself in a situation where someone says something insensitive and you feel that urge to lash out at them. In that moment you can ask yourself the questions, ‘What really matters to me most in this moment?” and “Who do I want to be in this moment?” and realize that what you most deeply want is to be kind and create connection and understanding.

So then you pivot towards your purpose and instead of speaking harsh words you choose to reply in a clear, open-hearted and compassionate way.

Or maybe you realise you feel a bit disconnected from your partner after them having a busy week and you feel yourself becoming angry with them for it. But then you ask the questions “What do I really want in this moment?” and “Who do I want to be in this moment?” and then perhaps you realize that what you really want is to have some fun and play and connection with them.

“Pivot towards your purpose and take action guided by your values.”

So you pivot towards your purpose and take action guided by your values. Maybe you decide to set up a special surprise date for them and spoil them to let them know how much you value and love them.

This Week’s Invitation

So my invitation for you this week is this. Whatever is happening for you in the days ahead, see if you can remember to pivot towards purpose. Do it as many times as you can so that this mindfulness micro-practice starts to become a habit.

No matter how others act or what stresses, challenges or triggers may arise, continue to connect with what is deep in your heart and let this awareness of what truly matters guide your decisions, actions and words as best you can.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead, beautiful people. Thank you for your practice and for your presence here in this community.

With love and respect, Melli

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