Shedding the Past

As we travel through life, we tend to accumulate a lot of conditioning and all kinds of baggage along the way.

We have a tendency to wake up in the morning and pick up our past wounds, regrets, limiting beliefs, self judgements, resentments and grievances and our whole personal story, and carry all of that with us into the day.

So we tend to recreate a world each day that is based on the blueprint of the past. But just like a snake sheds its skin, mindfulness offers the possibility of shedding the past and being reborn into this brand new day and this brand new moment fresh and new.

Being reborn into today

So my invitation and prayer for us today is this: Let’s shed the past.

Let’s shed the past and Let us embark on the adventure of this day with a beginner’s mind. This means letting go of the mental baggage we often carry – our expectations, rigid rules and attachments to outcomes – shedding all of that and meeting the world around us with curiosity, open heartedness and wonder.

Let us appreciate this day. Let us lean in, light up, learn and discover what is here to be known and felt and seen and heard and touched. Let us be filled with the energies of gratitude and vitality. As our hearts beat and our lungs breathe and tides flow and the planets spin and the stars shine, let us pause long enough to let the appropriate awe set into our bones and being.

Let us co-create this day. Let us choose to show up and not shut down. To share a piece of our hearts instead of a piece of our minds and let’s share our kindness, our courage, our care and creativity all the colours of our truest self. Let’s share it with each other and the world.

Let us love this day. Let’s remember to lead with our hearts and let go of hostility, judgement and hate and the armour around our hearts. Embracing kindness, compassion and bravery, let’s see past our differences and connect and share and commune.

Let us play today. Let’s remember that life isn’t as serious as the mind makes it out to be and that laughter is good medicine. So is silliness and cloud watching and doing nothing at all.

This new day and this new moment right now is full of possibility, potential and aliveness. So let’s hold this intention to shed the past, breathe into this new day and step into the mystery and wonder of today with our hearts and minds wide open, remembering that today will never be lived again.

As always thank you for your practice and your presence here with us. It’s an honour to share these moments with you today.

With love, Melli

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